Auditing Agile Teams: Agility Meets Regulatory Requirements
How can we reconcile the light touch approach of agile development teams to the governance and information security requirements such as Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance? I will discuss how to bring together the apparently conflicting needs of information security and agile, and show by example how agile teams actually approach tough regulatory requirements and good governance. 


Dave Sherrock oversees the agile42 professional services operations in North America and is responsible for introducing agile42's approach to that region of the world.

Dave thrives in dynamic and fast-changing environments - building, leading and coaching technology and product development teams in start-ups or fast-changing, results-driven environments. Quick to grasp business concepts and creatively address business challenges. He is a natural leader with extensive international and off-shoring experience, working in large multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, and fledgling start-ups, from manufacturing to online social networks to telecommunications.

Within agile42 he trained and coached management teams, transition teams, scrum teams and stakeholders in major enterprise-wide agile roll-outs targeting over 100 teams distributed world-wide.