A Practical Roadmap to Great Scrum: A Systematic Guide to Hyperproductivity

In the field of large-scale application of Agile, the best data set comes from a CMMI Level 5 company that is providing data collected from dozens of highly disciplined Scrum teams. Based on the lessons found in this data, Jeff will describe how a new team can follow the path of Systematic Software Engineering and double productivity by focusing on "product DONE," then double it again by focusing on "product backlog READY." Current research shows that any team can achieve hyper-productivity in a few sprints, even in a dysfunctional company. This presentation will show the audience how to do it and how easy it can be, if they work to remove impediments.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland erfand Scrum bei der Easel Corpoartion 1993. Er erarbeitete mit dem Scrum-Miterfinder Ken Schwaber den formalisierten Scrum Prozess zur OOPSLA`95 Konferenz.